Our Services

Our company provides Accounting assistant, tax preparer, web design and sell omnilife, nutritional supplements.

Accounting assistant

Highly-professional and qualified tax preparer with a bachelor's degree in accounting and more than 18 years of experience in processing of accounting data.

Tax preparer

Prepared tax returns and W-2 for clients with computer tax software. Assisted customers with any taxes, IRS notifications, and inquiries.

Web Designer

Our objective is to make a positive impact on clients and design compelling and attractive websites.


Who We Are

Our company provides financial services, tax preparer, web design,  and sell omnilife,  nutritional supplements.

  • Accounting assistant.
  •  Tax preparer.
  • Web designers, and now we are focused in personalized your personal or commercial information.
  • Omnilife Independent Distributor # 001471657FD.
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Meet Our Team

Omnilife Independent Distributor # 001471657FD.

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