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Our company provides financial services, tax Preparer, web design and sell omnilife nutritional supplements.

  • Accounting assistant.
  • Tax preparer.
  • web designers, and now we are focused in personalized your personal or commercial information.
  • Omnilife Independent Distributor # 001471657FD.

Our Services

Tax Preparer

Prepared tax returns and W-2 for clients with computer tax software. Assisted customers with any taxes, IRS notifications, and inquiries.

Financial Services

More than 18 years of experience in processing of accounting data. Performed accounts receivable and payable functions, balanced cash, and posted sales invoices.

Web Desing

You can see and share your business card, resume and website, in your social media, and contacts, with your phone, tablet or any device.


Independent Distributor # 001471657FD in The UNITED STATES, UNITED KINGDOM & SPAIN and 15 more countries

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Our spiritual blog. You can enjoy our experience, and tips and tricks.

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You can enjoy good news, because our spiritual world is compassion, happiness and unconditional love.