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Ego Life Piña :

Electrolytes (minerals), carbohydrates, and B-complex vitamins help the body replenish the salts and minerals lost during physical activity while helping to produce energy from carbohydrates.

Ego Fruit :

Digestive system Main
Licorice and glycine are ingredients that can be used to support a healthy liver. This product is a lightly carbonated drink that is perfect to overcome the sensation of heaviness that can accompany certain meals.

Physical activity additional
B-complex vitamins are involved in energy production.

Ego Plant :

Excretory system main
Herb-based drink with added vitamins that help balance and supplement one’s diet, providing the body with nutrients and helping to keep it clean and healthy from a physiological standpoint. Vitamin D supplement is suggested for renal insufficiency because this vitamin is metabolized in the kidneys.

Ego Mint :

Endocrine system Main
Contains nutrients that can help reduce bone demineralization.

Skeletal system complementary
Isoflavones help reduce bone demineralization.




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